Vacation Homes

So much of our world today takes us away from the more important facets of our lives.

Our homes have suddenly become a crowded place where business, family life, studies, and recreational activities are all intertwined. The need to find a place that is different than our day to day, that is simple, that takes us outside, and that embraces nature is now a vital segment of our existence. The style, size and magnitude of our other place can be a subtle difference or it can be a total opposite of what we think is normal. It can be a place to unwind or a place to put the wind back in one’s sails. Whimsical elements that might not fit in a structured community environment, are often appropriate in the natural vacation home setting. It is a chance to light a fire, play the guitar, sing out loud. This new home can capture vistas that do not exist now, by providing expansive window groupings and raised cantilevered terraces. The vacation home can be more like what we want ourselves to be; dramatic, fearless and uninhibited. In many ways it can be simple and disarming. A special place for family to gather for skiing, swimming, hiking and relaxing. Learning what again has become important. Our award winning vacation home design services consider all of these significant components for the family retreat. Sensible, cost-effective approaches to the construction strategy are important keys. The specification of lasting, high quality, and durable materials can be done so that this new structure can be as beautiful and maintenance free as possible.

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